Viðareiði on the island Viðoy is the northernmost village in the
Faroe Islands. Viðareiði is claimed to be one of the most beautiful
villages of the Faroe Islands by both natives and tourists. It lies on
an isthmus with high mountains to both the north and south. The
village is famously known for its beautiful location with the view
of the islands, Borðoy, Kunoy and Kalsoy, to the west and the islands,
Svínoy and Fugloy in the east. The nature is overwelming and the
peacefulness stirring.

The manse of Viðareiði, named Ónagerð, is one of the most beautiful
in the Faroe Islands, and it was here that the legend of the bewitchingly
beautiful Beinta lived. Inspired by the legends of Beinta and her
extraordinary life, Jørgen Franz Jacobsen, a famous faroese author,
created Barbara, his much acclaimed masterpiece novel, published
posthumously in 1939.

Viðareiði is also known to be the starting point for hiking to the
northernmost point of Viðoy, Cape Enniberg, which altitude of 754
metres makes it the highest sea-cliff in Europe. The view from
Enniberg makes the trip worthwhile, simply breathtaking.

In spite of its modest population of around 350 inhabitants, Viðareiði includes a
local grocery store and two small football fields of artificial grass, where you
can see local kids and grown-ups play against each other through the light
summer evenings.

Welcome to Viðareiði, the pearl of the Faroes!